We have updated OSCR Online - click here for more information on how to submit your annual return

OSCR Online maintenance and upgrade

29 Jun 2022

Every year, every registered charity in Scotland must send OSCR a set of accounts, a trustees’ annual report and an external scrutiny report. Charities do this by completing an online annual return using OSCR Online.

We plan to upgrade OSCR Online in the coming weeks. Although it will keep the same name, OSCR Online has been rebuilt from the ground up with a number of new features. The main changes are:

  • a new look
  • charities will have the option to nominate three individual users to access a charity’s record, removing the need to share a charity’s login details
  • improved links to our latest news and social channels.

The information we require charities to submit as part of their annual return will not change at this time.


Before the OSCR Online upgrade happens, there will be a period of maintenance from 15 July 2022 until 24 July 2022 where you will not be able to access the system.

If your charity has an annual return deadline during this time please submit the information now if it is possible. Please email info@oscr.org.uk if you need support doing this.

Upgrade launch

The upgraded version of OSCR Online will be live from 25 July 2022. You will be able to access it by visiting our website; however, you can also find it by using the same website address as the current system.

Logging in for the first time

The way each user will log into the new OSCR Online will change. From 25th July, every person listed with OSCR as a principal contact for a charity will receive an email telling them that they are an OSCR Online user for the charity they are currently associated with. They will also receive a new password for accessing OSCR Online. These charity users will also then have the option to invite up to another two users to access a charity’s record.

Please check your email inbox and junk email folders for these invites. If you are a principal contact of a charity and have not received an invitation to the new system by 31 July 2022, please email info@oscr.org.uk.

When you log in OSCR Online after the upgrade, you will be asked for the Scottish charity number for the charity you want to submit information for. If you do not know this number, you can find it on the Scottish Charity Register (it begins SC0 [ZERO]).

The questions we ask as part of a charity's online annual return after the upgrade will be the same as they are now.

Support and feedback

The easiest place to find out about our new system and how to use it is on our website Our updated guidance for charities can be found here.

You can also read the Frequently Asked Questions here.

Although we have a roadmap for new OSCR Online features over the coming months, we would also welcome your feedback to help improve the system. If you have any feedback on OSCR Online then please email it to communications@oscr.org.uk.