We have updated OSCR Online - click here for more information on how to submit your annual return
19 Apr 2024

OSCR’s Chief Executive

10 Apr 2024

Have your say: charity banking challenges survey 2024

02 Apr 2024

Charity law has changed

01 Apr 2024

The Notifiable Events process has been replaced: changes in the way charities report important issues to OSCR

28 Mar 2024

Public holiday office closure

29 Feb 2024

More help available for charities as cyber threats persist

26 Feb 2024

Five tips to improve your charity’s cyber safety and security

23 Feb 2024

Coming soon: changes to charity law and the way we regulate

22 Feb 2024

Does your charity own land and property in Scotland?

15 Feb 2024

Latest version of the Sector Overview Report now available

We are the independent regulator and registrar for 25,047 charities in Scotland

Our mission is to regulate in a way which builds trust and confidence in Scottish charities, holds charities to account and strengthens their ability to positively contribute to society.