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25,430 Total charities registered

We are the independent Regulator and registrar for Scotland’s charities, including community groups, religious charities, schools, universities, grant-giving charities, and major care providers. Find out more about our work, what we were set up to do, how we are run, and who we work with.

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We are the independent regulator and registrar for over 24,000 Scottish charities, including community groups, religious charities, schools, universities, grant-giving charities and major care providers.

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About Scottish charities

Read about the work of Scottish charities and how they operate.

How we regulate charities

Our work is aimed at ensuring public confidence. Read about how we support and monitor charities, taking action where required.

How we are run

Read our management information including performance statistics, business objectives and information about our Board.



How to set up a charity

Planning to set up a charity? Read what’s required, including whether it’s the right option for you.

Apply to become a charity

Find out how to take the next step and apply for charitable status.

Need Help?

Find out where to get support when applying for charitable status as well as support on running a charity.



Search the Scottish Charity Register

Search Scotland's registered charities and view detailed reports on each and every one.

Charities at Work

View a selection of examples that illustrate the diversity and impact of Scotland's charities.

Trustees' Stories

Read first hand accounts of what it's like being a charity trustee and see examples of charity's work across Scotland.