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Latest version of the Sector Overview Report now available

15 Feb 2024

A new version of the Sector Overview Report has been released by OSCR. The report provides a snapshot of the charity sector in Scotland over the last three months, based on the information provided by charities on the Scottish Charity Register.

The report details the scale and scope of the charity sector, what it looks like and what issues are influencing and challenging charities in Scotland. It is a dynamic, interactive report which allows readers to filter data and select different options to view the most relevant information.

Some of the key figures from the report, which covers the period up to 31 December 2023, include:

  • 194 charities have been registered in the last quarter, and 283 charities have been removed from the Scottish Charity Register.
  • Charities employ 213,389 people as paid staff, which is equivalent to around 9% of Scotland’s workforce. However, 69% of charities employ no paid staff and are run entirely by volunteers, including the charity trustees.
  • Over two fifths (41%) of Scottish charities operate locally within a specific place, community or neighbourhood. A further 25% operate within one local authority area.
  • Edinburgh and Glasgow have the highest number of charities (2,951 and 2,810 respectively), followed by the Highland region (1,847).

The updated interactive report can be found on our Sector Overview Report page, along with PDF versions of previous reports.

View the Sector Overview Report here.