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An Easy Read Guide to being a Charity Trustee

29 Jan 2020

The Scottish Charity Regulator (OSCR) has updated guidance specifically for charity trustees who have difficulty reading.

An Easy Read Guide to being a Charity Trustee uses an Easy Read format. Easy Read is a method of presenting written information to make it easier to understand. It is closely edited to express ideas in a small number of simple words. Any difficult word or idea is explained in a separate sentence. It also uses specific imagery to complement the text.

The Guide is for anyone who would benefit from Easy Read and who is a trustee of a charity in Scotland. Charity trustees are sometimes called Board Members, Directors or Committee Members. It contains information on:

  • Charity trustee duties
  • Payments to charity trustees
  • What happens when charity trustees fail to meet their duties
  • Support organisations and information resources.

The Guide also includes a section that explains what some of the words related to being a charity trustee mean.

OSCR has worked closely with Scottish Commission for Learning Disability to make sure this guidance meets its requirements.

The Guide is available in PDF, Word and BSL formats.