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New protocols launched by Scottish Land Commission for trusts and charities that own land

24 Jun 2020

Two new protocols that set out practical expectations for private trusts and charities owning land in Scotland, have been published by the Scottish Land Commission.

Designed to ensure that the way land is owned, managed and used, benefits everyone in Scotland, the protocols set out expectations on trustees and land managers to manage land in a way that:

  • Is fair and considers the needs and priorities of the local community
  • Encourages positive behaviour by all parties
  • Actively engages local communities in decisions on land use and land management.

They are the latest in a series produced by the Land Commission to encourage practical implementation of Scottish Government’s Land Rights and Responsibilities Statement (LRRS).

Specific expectations set out in both protocols, include:

  • That there should be up-to-date, publicly available information about who the Trustees are and readily available contact information for the landholding
  • Where there are plans to make significant changes that will impact a local community, Trustees should follow the procedures set out in the Commission’s Protocol on Community Engagement
  • If possible, Trustees are appointed from the local area where the land is held.