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How to update principal contact details using OSCR Online

The principal contact is the person listed as the main contact for a charity. 

This person can be a charity trustee, an employee, an accountant or legal adviser. They can also be an OSCR Online user for a charity but this is not mandatory.

When principal contact details change, this must be updated as soon as possible. This is a requirement.

Remember, we mainly communicate to principal contacts by email, so it is important that whoever it is has an email account which is active and checked regularly.

You can do this by using OSCR Online. OSCR Online can be accessed here. Whenever you change principal contact details we strongly advise you review the charity user information on OSCR Online at the same time.

The steps below outline what you have to do to update your principal contact details:

1. Log in to OSCR Online using your charity number and password.

Information on logging in to OSCR Online can be found here.

2. Click 'Making changes to your charity' at the top of the page.

3. Make changes in the 'Charity contact details' section.



4. In the 'Reason for update' box near the bottom of the page, briefly state that you have updated the principal contact details.



5. Click 'Update'. If any mandatory fields are incomplete you will see an error message.


You can also use this update section to change other details such as the accounting reference date or add in additional details like a website link.

Any changes you make to information that is shown on the Scottish Charity Register will appear on the Register the next working day.

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