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VIDEO: OSCR’s refreshed approach to inquiries

05 Oct 2023

We recently updated our inquiry policy and improved the way people can report concerns about Scottish charities to us.

The new approach aims to make it easier for people to find out what OSCR can and can’t deal with, and to signpost people who have raised a concern in the right direction of another regulator or organisation if that’s more appropriate.

By reducing the number of concerns we receive that aren’t appropriate for OSCR to deal with, this will free up resources to allow us to deal with inquiries (and other important work) more effectively and efficiently. At the same time, it will ensure that people who raise concerns can have their issue dealt with as quickly as possible by the correct authority.

In this video, Laura Anderson (OSCR’s Senior Manager of Higher Risk Cases & Quality Assurance) and Kenny Mathers (OSCR’s High Volume Casework & Risk Assessment Manager) discuss our refreshed approach to inquiries and our concerns process.

The video explains:

  • How do you raise a concern or make a complaint about a charity in Scotland?
  • Why did we decide improvements were needed to OSCR’s inquiry process?
  • What is our role as the Scottish Charity Regulator?
  • What happens when you submit a concern to OSCR about a charity in Scotland?
  • What changes have been made to OSCR’s inquiry policy and concerns form?

This video was filmed at our ‘Regulating Scotland’s Charities’ event on 17 August 2023.