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Interim inquiry report - Free Wheel North

28 Jul 2022

We have opened an inquiry into Free Wheel North, Scottish charity number SC039789 following receipt of a significant number of concerns about how the charity is operating.   

It is clear to us that there is a substantial level of public interest in our inquiry and we have therefore taken the step of publishing an interim inquiry report to support understanding of our role and our work in relation to this charity at this time.   

Free Wheel North, Scottish Charity number SC039789 is a charity based in Glasgow that undertakes cycling projects, working with others to bring about changes that improve walking and cycling infrastructure.  Its charitable objectives are:  

  • The advancement of health, mental and physical
  • The advancement of citizenship and community development by encouraging volunteering, community engagement and regeneration through physical, social and economic infrastructure improvements
  • The provision of recreational facilitates and activities with the object of improve the conditions of life for members of the public at large, but with a special emphasis on persons who have need of them through disability
  • Promotion of equality and diversity through campaigning of behalf of disabled people for better access to the outdoor environment

We have received a significant number of concerns about the running of Free Wheel North and have opened an inquiry into the charity.  Opening an inquiry does not mean that we have found any wrongdoing by the charity, simply that we need to know more about the situation. We are in contact with the charity trustees to obtain information that will support our understanding of the current operations of the charity and the matters of concern.  We are publishing this interim report at this stage in our work as a result of significant public interest in the charity at this time.  

Our inquiry must focus on how the charity is being run by the charity trustees (the directors).  They are the people who are in management and control of the charity and have responsibility for running the charity.  Charity trustees have legal duties that they must meet in how they run the charity and our focus as a regulator is in how the charity trustees are meeting those duties.  A key part of that is ensuring that the charity trustees are running the charity in line with the charity’s governing document (its constitution) and the relevant legal requirements. We also want to ensure that the charity trustees are able to make and implement any decisions required in the interest of the charity. 

In carrying out our inquiry, we are not acting on behalf of any individual or group of individuals.

We will continue to work with the charity trustees throughout our inquiry to gather information and to help them carry out their role.   We will publish an updated report when we consider it to be appropriate but in line with our published policies will not otherwise comment on our ongoing work. 

Read the interim section 33 report here.