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Submit an annual return using OSCR Online

Published: 25/04/2017
Updated: 22/04/2020

In addition to viewing the content on this website you can:


Every year, every charity registered in Scotland must send us their:

  1. Annual accounts
  2. Trustees’ Annual Report
  3. External scrutiny report, and
  4. Online annual return.

Charities must submit this information to us within 9 months of their accounting ‘year end’.

Every charity in Scotland should use our online service, OSCR Online. There are many advantages to using our online service and if your charity has not already done so, you can sign up to use OSCR Online here.

More information on our online services can be found on our FAQs page.

This guidance explains how to use OSCR Online to submit an online annual return.

The process is explained in the sections below. Alternatively, you can view a video detailing how to complete an online annual return here.