Making changes to your charity

You have a duty to seek consent and to notify us of any changes to your charity

Charities have a duty to notify OSCR of changes to their details, including the principal contact and governing document (e.g. constitution, memorandum and articles of association, etc.) and some changes require OSCR's prior consent.

See our Before you change postcard for a summary of when to seek OSCR’s consent and when to notify us of changes.

If you are looking to wind up your charity click here.

Failing to seek consent or notify us

If as a charity trustee you take action without our consent where it is required or fail to tell us of changes made you will be in breach of Section 66 of the 2005 Act. Any breach will be treated as misconduct, and action may be taken.

The following changes require prior consent. You must seek our consent at least 42 days before the proposed date of change. Each of the following expandable boxes contains the appropriate application form and guidance. Please refer to the checklist at the back of the application form for a list of supporting documents that we will also require in order to make an assessment of your proposed change.

All changes that require our prior consent are listed in the section above. Your consent letter will detail the evidence required and the appropriate time scales in which to notify us.

If you take any of the followings actions you must tell us within three months of the change taking place:
  • any change to your charity's principal office or the name, or address of the charity trustee specified in the Scottish Charity Register if there is no office (you can update these details yourself using the OSCR Online service)
  • any change in other details set out in your charity's Register entry
  • any change to your charity's constitution (other than those relating to your charity's name or purposes - please see the two sections above regarding these changes)
  • any action taken to amalgamate, or wind up, or dissolve your charity, or if there is an application to court to do so.  
You may use the Notification of Changes Made Form to inform us of these changes. Alternatively, you may write to us by email at or by post to the following address:

2nd Floor
Quadrant House
9 Riverside Drive

If your charity is a SCIO and has amended its constitution, you should also provide us with a copy of the resolution of the SCIO’s members agreeing to the change. You can use our resolution template for this.

In addition, charities must advise us of the following changes within one month of the change taking place: 

  • any administration order or an order for winding up made by the court in respect of a charity
  • the appointment of a receiver.