Our decision

Published: 20/11/2018
Updated: 20/11/2018

OSCR will decide whether a charity’s name is ‘objectionable’ in the following situations:

  1. on application to register a new charity or incorporate a SCIO
  2. on application for consent to change the name of a charity
  3. on request from a charity that considers that the name of another charity is too like its name
  4. where OSCR becomes aware at any other time (for example in the course of an inquiry) that a charity’s name is objectionable.

What happens if we decide a name is objectionable?

Application to become a charity: During the process of applying for charitable status if we think the name you are proposing is objectionable we will give you an opportunity to reconsider and change the name of the proposed charity. If you don’t change the name of the proposed charity and we consider that the name is objectionable, we must refuse the application. If we refuse your application to become a charity we will give reasons for our decision and provide information on how to request a review of the decision.

Application to change charity name: If your charity is seeking our consent to change name and we consider that the new name is objectionable we will direct the charity not to change its name. If we do this we will explain our reasons and give you information on how to ask us for a review.

In cases where we become aware of an objectionable name in an existing charity, we will contact the charity trustees to alert them to the issue and to take action to resolve it (probably by seeking our consent to change the name). If they do not do so, then we must direct the charity to change its name. Where the issue is that two charities have names that are too like to each other, we must direct one or both charities to change their name.