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VIDEO: Top tips on what makes a good, well-managed charity

10 Nov 2023

In order to have a strong, resilient and well-managed charity, it’s really important for trustees to understand their duties and responsibilities, and behave in a way that promotes good governance.

In this video, recorded at The Gathering 2023, Martin Tyson (OSCR’s Head of Regulation & Improvement) and Neil Edwards (OSCR Casework & SRQ Manager) share their top tips on what makes a good, well-managed charity and how trustees can effectively deal with some of the difficulties that often arise when managing a charity.

The video explains more about:

  • What kind of behaviours help the charity’s trustees and board to work effectively
  • The behaviours or actions that can prove counter-productive or difficult to manage
  • The idea of collective responsibility and ensuring all trustees are fully involved in managing the charity
  • Case study examples with learning points for charity trustees
  • Key areas charity trustees can focus on to improve their organisation’s governance

This video was filmed at SCVO’s The Gathering 2023 on 7 November 2023.

You can download a copy of the presentation here.