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Charity Regulator takes court action 19 Jul 2016 More Info
New guidance for Social Enterprises 14 Jul 2016

Read our new guidance for Social Enterprises who want to become a charity.

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New system of fundraising complaints in Scotland 07 Jul 2016 More Info
Regulator publishes annual report and accounts 30 Jun 2016 More Info
Surveys show strong support for charities in Scotland 27 Jun 2016 More Info
Are you a Principal Contact for a charity? 01 Jun 2016

Make sure the Principal Contact details are kept up to date on OSCR Online.

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Consultation opens on the reporting of matters of material significance by auditors and independent examiners 19 May 2016 More Info
Reports to OSCR by Auditors and Independent Examiners - New email address 16 May 2016 More Info