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Checking up on charities

Published: 01/03/2022
Updated: 01/03/2022

To help you decide whether or not to support a charity, here are some easy checks you can make.

  1. Search for the charity online
  2. Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator / Charity Commission checks
  3. Contact the charity


  1. Search engines and Internet

Look for websites or blogs directly associated with the group or charity to gain an understanding of their aims, activities, volunteering opportunities and who runs the group. You can also find information by using Google or Yahoo; or search social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter. YouTube may also provide information.


  1. The Scottish Charity Register

You can check if a body is registered as a charity in Scotland through the Scottish Charity Register, and in England and Wales with the Charity Commission. A registered charity will display a registration number.


  1. Contact the charity directly

If you are seeking further assurance about how your donations will be used or what will be required of you if you want to volunteer, you should contact the charity directly. If you are unable to find contact details, the charity’s Register entry will include a means of contacting the charity.


Remember - the quickest, most effective way you can help the Ukrainian people is to contribute your time, money or goods to a registered charity in the UK.