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(l) the promotion of equality and diversity

Published: 20/08/2015
Updated: 20/08/2015


This purpose covers the elimination of discrimination and the promotion of diversity in society.

What do we mean by promoting equality and diversity?

This focuses on the elimination of discrimination, by valuing and respecting differences and encouraging and promoting inclusiveness within society.

 Charities with this purpose have the promotion of equality and diversity in society as the primary focus of their activities rather than as a secondary aim. For example, having an equal opportunities policy does not advance this purpose, unless the organisation is specifically set up to promote equality and diversity.

What activities might provide public benefit when advancing this purpose?

In general, public benefit is the way that a charity makes a positive difference to the public. Activities might include:

  • advocacy or campaigning by disabled people for better access to public facilities
  • raising awareness of discrimination against LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender) people
  • providing training schemes for employers to raise awareness of equality and diversity issues.

Case 1: an organisation’s activities promoted equality by supporting LGBT people in rural areas

An organisation applied to become a charity with the aim of supporting Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) people living in rural communities and educating the wider community about LGBT people through awareness-raising events and programmes.  

We looked at the organisation’s intended activities, which included helping LGBT people get more equal access to health, education, training, employment and parenting services. There was evidence that LGBT people in rural areas experienced particular difficulties in having their needs and rights recognised and met by public services and the community in general.

We decided that the organisation’s activities were intended to provide public benefit in promoting equality and diversity in their area. The application to become a charity was successful.