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Concern Form

Before you start

Before submitting a concern you must:

Please read our guidance on how OSCR deals with concerns and inquiries to find out more about what OSCR can and cannot deal with, and what you should do before submitting a concern.

What to use this form for

Only use this form if there is a serious risk of harm to the charity or people it was set up to help.

Examples of serious issues include where:

  • It appears that the charity’s assets are at risk – for example property held by a charity is not insured or where cash held by a charity is not kept securely 
  • It appears that the charity’s assets are not being used for the objects of the charity as shown on the charity’s entry on the Scottish Charity Register
  • A person or organisation is inappropriately profiting from a charity. Our guidance explains the conditions under which trustees can be remunerated and how OSCR assesses private benefit 
  • A charity is not complying with its legal duties under the 2005 Act
  • A charity is causing serious harm to the people it helps. For example, by not having appropriate safeguarding procedures 
  • A charity trustee has a conflict of interest and this is not being properly managed – our guidance explains what a conflict of interest is and how it should be managed
  • The charity is not being managed by all of the charity trustees. For example: one charity trustee seems to be in overall control of the charity, an employee seems to be in overall control of the charity, or none of the charity trustees are taking responsibility for the charity – this can result in serious governance problems that could harm the charity
  • You have reported a matter to the police about suspected criminal activity in a charity. The police deal with criminal investigations but you may also report this to us- e.g. suspected embezzlement 
  • When an organisation is calling itself a charity when it is not (you can check if the organisation is a charity by searching the Scottish Charity Register)
  • Charity trustees are significantly breaching the requirements of their governing document 
  • A charity is unlawfully discriminating in the provision of its services or benefits
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