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Guide for reputation management after a cyber attack

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It seems that, at the moment, every week brings about a report of yet another cyber attack or data breach, impacting a whole range of organisations.  Just last week we read reports of an attack on the Irish Health Service and, closer to home, an incident that involved Glasgow Caledonian University.  Sadly, third sector organisations are not immune to these and this was highlighted to the sector in the recent CyberScotland Week sessions on cyber resilience (videos available on the SCVO YouTube channel)

Media attention on cyber attacks can be an unwelcome distraction when you are trying to manage an incident.  Undertaking some proactive planning and having an Communications Response Plan in place is a great help during the first 24 -48 hours of any cyber breach.  This recent blog by Jude McCorry from the Scottish Business Resilience Centre (SBRC) talks about things you can action now which will help you in the future and the Reputation Management Framework is a great tool to inform your advance thinking so, should you have an incident, a lot of the groundwork is already done.

Should your organisation become the victim of a cyber-attack, please be re-assured that there is a network of people available to help you respond and recover.  Do make a note of the Incident Response Helpline provided by SBRC as this provides free advice and technical support to get you through the first troublesome hours of an incident.  The SBRC Incident Response Helpline  number is 01786 437 472 and further details of this service is available on the SBRC website. Incident response - Scottish Business Resilience Centre (sbrcentre.co.uk)