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What will be discussed in the 'Strengthening Scotland’s charity sector' event at The Gathering 2020

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Many organisations across the charity and wider third sector are gearing up for Scotland’s largest voluntary sector event ‘The Gathering 2020’ organised by SCVO. 

This year Scottish Government, OSCR and SCVO are holding a joint event to consider how each can strengthen charities in Scotland beyond the realms of charity law alone. 

Moderated by Steven Marwick, Director of Evaluation Support Scotland, the panel discussion with Stephen Gallagher of the Scottish Government, Maureen Mallon of OSCR and Anna Fowlie of SCVO will be followed with the opportunity for audience members to contribute their questions and ideas.  

This joint blog outlines what each organisation will bring to the event. 


Scottish Government 

Stephen Gallagher, Director of Local Government and Communities at the Scottish Government, will provide an update following the Scottish Charity Law Consultation. He will also take this opportunity to start a broader conversation, on behalf of the Scottish Government, with the public and the sector about how things like reputation, understanding, transparency and accountability impact on public trust and the sustainability of the charity sector in Scotland; and what the Scottish Government can contribute to this agenda. 



Our Chief Executive, Maureen Mallon, will be outlining how OSCR wants to work with others to help address some of the challenges facing charities. She’ll explain their priorities for the future, new approaches to their work, and how OSCR will engage with partners to strengthen charity law and support trustees. 



SCVO's Chief Executive, Anna Fowlie, will refer to their “What is a modern charity?” work and consider why trust and brand matter, to the public and SCVO. She’ll explain SCVO's role in promoting the value of the sector and the contribution it makes to Scottish society; what can, and will they do to contribute to trust-building in the 2020s and throughout uncertainty and rapid change. 


Event details

Date: Wednesday 19 February

Time: 10.00am to 11.00am

Room: Boisdale Suite 2