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Good governance in Glasgow

Are you a trustee of a recently registered charity?  Or has your charity found it difficult to provide us with the information we require?  As part of our team discussions a few weeks ago, we decided to run a pilot event targeted at these charities - as we'd found that some new charities needed some support in the early stages; while many of the charities failing to submit returns and accounts were just unsure about what they had to do in order to comply.

We invited charities in the Glasgow area to a session dedicated to reporting and designed to provide key information on getting returns submitted accurately and on time.  Some 46 charity trustees met with us at the Renfield Centre on 22 October.  Jane Lindsay, one of our Compliance Officers, talked through charity trustee duties and answered questions.  As Contact Team Manager, I explained the accounting and reporting requirements, then gave a live demonstration of OSCR Online - our new service that over two thirds of charities currently use.

The feedback we received was very positive - 100% said that OSCR staff were 'very helpful' or 'helpful' - a big thank you to those who took part!  We think this would be a good format to repeat in other parts of the country - what do you think?  We're currently looking at a series of these events so if you have any ideas or suggestions we'd be happy to hear them!