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SpeakIT Plus

Visitors to OSCR's website can listen to content by using SpeakIT Plus.

SpeakIT Plus is a free tool which is used to 'read' web pages aloud. The service is designed to improve access to information and services on our website for people who have difficulties reading online.

The service can be accessed by simply clicking on the 'listen to our website' button available from the toolbar at the top or our web page. There is no download needed for this software. When you select the link the SpeakIT Plus toolbar appears, ready to use.

Text size

Although the Text Size itself cannot be changed, all modern browsers have the ability to Zoom into the page, enlarging the whole screen (including the text).

Viewing PDFs (Portable Document Format)

Some of our documents are in PDF format which means they can only be viewed using Adobe Reader. This software is available free of charge from the Adobe website.
All PDF documents on this site will open in a new tab window. After viewing or printing the document, you can close the new Web browser window by using the close button at the top right hand corner.
Adobe also offer other useful resources and tools to aid the accessibility of PDFs, these can be accessed from their website.