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The Ecology Centre, SC028174
Registered charity from 11 August 1998
Charity Details
This shows the latest contact address that OSCR has been given for the charity.AddressKinghorn Loch
This is the latest postcode that the charity has supplied.PostcodeKY3 9YG
This shows whether the address supplied by the charity is their principal office or the address of one of the charity's trustees. Where the charity tells us that the address is a charity trustee's address, we must publish the name.Is the supplied address a principal office or a trustee address?Principal Office
Shown where the charity has supplied us with a link to its
Charities are shown as Standard charities, Registered Social Landlords, or Cross-Border charities. These last two will link through to other Regulators’ websites, where you may be able to view the charity’s accounts.Regulatory Type Standard
This is the link to the lead regulatory body for this organisation.Link to Companies House
This personalised charity registration logo can be downloaded free of charge and used on the charity’s website, email signatures and publications.OSCR Registration Logo
These are taken directly from the charity's constitution. A charity's objects describe what the charity has been legally set up to achieve. They do not necessarily describe all of the activities the charity carries out in order to achieve these objects. Object:
The object for which the Company is established is the advancement of education through the establishment, development and maintenance of an ecological Education Centre at Kinghorn, Fife or elsewhere, for the specific benefit of the community surrounding Kinghorn Loch, as defined by all the postcodes in postcode district KY3 as well as postcodes KY2 5XA, KY2 5XB, KY2 5XE, KY2 5XD, KY2 5UT, KY2 5UU, KY2 5UN, KY2 5UR, KY2 5UP, KY2 5UW, KY2 5UX, KY2 5UL, KY2 5UJ, KY2 5UQ, KY2 5UH, KY2 5XY, KY2 5YB, KY2 5YD, KY2 5YE, KY2 5YA, KY2 5YF, KY2 5UZ, KY2 5XF, KY2 5UY, KY2 5XW, KY2 5XS, KY2 5XJ, KY2 5XQ, KY2 5XH, KY2 5UW, KY2 5XG, KY2 5XR, KY2 5UE, KY2 5XP, KY2 5XL, KY2 5XU, KY2 5QX, KY2 5XN (“the community”) and of the public generally (“the Object”) and that either independently or in association with (or both) the local authorities, voluntary organisations and local community, and to do such other things as will further the attainment of the Object except that nothing shall be done which will or may prevent the Object being deemed in law to be charitable, on the basis that this falls within section 7 of the Charities and Trustee Investment (Scotland) Act 2005 and is also regarded as charitable in relation to the application of the Taxes Acts.
Details of the charity's operations
Current status of the charity.Charity Status: Active
When the charity last submitted a change in information.Last Updated: 09 Apr 2021
Whether the charity is a Trust, Company, Unincorporated Association, SCIO, Educational Endowment, Industrial & Provident Society or Statutory Corporation, the date it became that form, and any previous forms it may have had.Constitutional Form: Company (the charity is registered with Companies House)
This best describes how local or widespread the work of the charity is.Geographical Spread: More than one local authority area in Scotland
This local authority area in which the charity is currently operating.Main Operating Location: Fife
The Charity and Trustee Investment (Scotland) Act sets out 15 charitable purposes and one analogous purpose.Purposes: "The advancement of education","The advancement of citizenship or community development","The advancement of the arts, heritage, culture or science","The advancement of environmental protection or improvement"
This lists which beneficiary groups the charity has identified as being the main focus of activities: children / young people, older people, people with disabilities or health problems, people of a particular ethnic or racial origin, other defined groups, no specific group or for the benefit of the community, other charities / voluntary bodies.Beneficiaries: "Children / young people","Older people","People with disabilities or health problems"
This sets out the types of activity undertaken by the charity from the following: it makes grants, donations, loans, gifts or pensions to individuals, it makes grants, donations or gifts to organisations, it carries out activities or services itself, it does none of these.Types of activty undertaken: "It carries out activities or services itself"
Annual Information Submission History
The end of the financial year for which accounts and information has been requested. Year End The gross income for the period. Income Expenditure Annual Return Received The date the return was validated by OSCR. Accounts Received The accounts available to view have had personal data such as signatures and addresses redacted (blacked out) to comply with the requirements of the Data Protection Act 1998. The charity’s accounts are the responsibility of the charity trustees and any queries regarding the content of the accounts should be directed to the charity in the first instance. OSCR accepts no liability for the accuracy of the charity’s accounts nor any decision based upon them. Latest Accounts
30 Jun 2017 £268,345 £277,512 29 Mar 2018 Yes
30 Jun 2018 £219,905 £297,082 26 Mar 2019 Yes
30 Jun 2019 £307,566 £352,941 30 Mar 2020 Yes
30 Jun 2020 £263,570 £321,823 09 Apr 2021 Yes Published accounts can be found on the Companies House website
30 Jun 2021 No Annual Information due by 30 Mar 2022
*Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, OSCR allowed an additional 9 months grace period for charities that were overdue/late when their annual information due by date fell between 01 March 2020 and 31 March 2021.

If an annual return has been received on time (within nine months of the Year End Date), the 'Annual Return Received' box is green   . If an annual return is late, the box is red   .

OSCR does not keep a register of Scottish Charity Trustees. This is not one of our statutory functions or something that we are resourced to do. Information about Scottish Charities should be available from the trustees' report of the charity's annual accounts. Please contact the charity directly using the above search to find this information

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From April 2016 we began to publish charities’ accounts, initially for those charities with an annual income of £25,000 or more, and for all SCIOs.

When a charity publishes its accounts on its website and has supplied us with a link, we have made this available. From late 2017, where the charity is a company, a registered social landlord or is also registered with the Charity Commission for England and Wales, a link is provided to the relevant regulator’s website where the accounts are made available. We accept no responsibility for the functionality, accuracy, or content of external websites – if you experience a technical issue with an external link, you should contact the charity directly.

You have the right to the following information under section 23 (1)(a) and (b) of the Charities and Trustee Investment (Scotland) Act 2005, from the charity direct:

  • a copy of the charity’s latest statement of accounts
  • a copy of the charity’s constitution.

In addition to the above, a charity may also be able to provide you with previous years’ accounts and constitutions, although it is not obliged to do so. You can contact the charity to request this information using the contact details on the charity’s Register entry.

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