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The end of an inquiry

Published: 22/01/2020
Updated: 22/01/2020


At the end of an inquiry we will assess the information we have obtained.

We will consider whether there has been misconduct in the administration of the charity or mismanagement by the charity trustees, the circumstances of this, any corrective action taken by the charity, and any intended actions of the charity’s trustees.

We will also look at any ongoing risk to the charity, its assets or its beneficiaries.

We will decide:

  • whether we need to take any formal action (which might include applying to the Court of Session for it to use its powers in relation to the charity and/or the charity trustees), or
  • whether it is more appropriate for us to provide support to the charity’s trustees in the form of recommendations for improvement which we may monitor, or
  • whether all risks have been addressed and no further action is needed.

We will write to the charity trustees to let them know the outcome of the inquiry and, where appropriate, any further action or monitoring.

Where we have used our formal powers, a charity, individual trustee or an organisation representing itself as a charity has the right to ask for a review of that decision and ultimately to appeal under charity law.