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Reporting of matters of material significance by Auditors and Independent Examiners

The Charity Commission for England and Wales (CCEW) and the Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator (OSCR) previously published a single list of matters to be reported to the regulators by Auditors and Independent Examiners which was consistent for England, Wales and Scotland.  The proposed new list of material matters to be reported to the regulators follows the establishment of the  Charity Commission for Northern Ireland (CCNI) and takes account of our experience of regulation to date. As such, now is an appropriate time to review the list of matters to be reported.

It is important to have a common list to simplify reporting requirements and ease the burden upon auditors or examiners acting for charities who work in multiple jurisdictions.   It also means that guidance to auditors and independent examiners can be consistent across jurisdictions.

The proposed guidance drops one of the existing 8 reportable matters and adds three new matters. The resulting 10 matters of material significance would be common to all the UK charity regulators. It is hoped that by including these extra matters, auditors and independent examiners will be clearer in the areas they should be reporting.

The new matters are areas where regulators have an interest and where it has been found that reports are not always made or, in the case of a modified audit opinion or qualified independent examination report, it provides early notification of the matter ensuring a more timely intervention. 

In Scotland this will complement the new notifiable events regime ensuring that both the charities themselves and the auditors and independent examiners are reporting to OSCR appropriately. 

Access to the consultation document can be found here.

Charities SORP research - your views are needed

The Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator (OSCR) and the Charity Commission for England and Wales (CCEW) are jointly responsible for the development and maintenance of the Charities Statement of Recommended Practice (SORP). 

We are currently holding a research exercise intended to identify necessary changes for the next Charities SORP and have published an invitation to comment setting out five areas of research where views are sought on how the next SORP could be improved.

The aim is to identify any necessary changes in good time to prepare the next Charities SORP with an Exposure Draft of the next SORP anticipated for 2018. The need for an Exposure Draft is likely to result from the planned triennial review of the accounting framework introduced by Financial Reporting Standard (FRS 102) applicable in the UK and the Republic of Ireland by the Financial Reporting Council (FRC). It is anticipated that the FRC’s triennial review will be completed by 2018 with the exposure Draft SORP published shortly afterwards. It is expected that the next SORP would take effect from 2019.

The research will potentially be of interest to donors, funders, financial supporters, preparers, auditors and examiners of charity accounts, trustees, employees and beneficiaries of charities and others who may use charity accounts.

You can view the Invitation to Comment here.