Extract from the Scottish Charity Register

St Andrew's Ambulance Association, SC006750
Registered charity from 27-10-1904
Charity Details
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The name the charity is known by
Known As Name: St Andrews First Aid
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This shows the latest contact address that OSCR has been given for the charity
Address: 48 Milton Street
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This is the latest postcode that the charity has supplied
Postcode: G4 0HR
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This shows whether the address supplied by the charity is their principal office or the address of one of the charity's trustees. Where the charity tells us that the address is a charity trustee's address, we must publish the name.
Is this the Principal Office or a Charity Trustee’s address: Principal Office
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The charity's website address. This is a hyperlink to the charity's website.
Website: www.firstaid.org.uk
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Current status of the charity
Charity status: Active
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Whether the charity is a Trust, Company, Unincorporated Association, SCIO, Educational Endowment, Industrial & Provident Society or Statutory Corporation.
Constitutional Form: Statutory corporation (Royal Charter etc)
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This best describes how local or widespread the work of the charity is
Geographical Spread: Operations cover all or most of Scotland
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This local authority area in which the charity is currently operating
Main Operating Location: Glasgow City
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The Charity and Trustee Investment (Scotland) Act sets out 15 charitable purposes and one analogous purpose. Charities were asked to identify at least one charitable purpose which applied to their activities.
Purposes: The advancement of education,The saving of lives,The advancement of citizenship or community development
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This lists which beneficiary groups the charity has identified as being the main focus of activities: children / young people, older people, people with disabilities or health problems, people of a particular ethnic or racial origin, other defined groups, no specific group or for the benefit of the community, other charities / voluntary bodies
Beneficiaries: No specific group, or for the benefit of the community
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This sets out the types of activity undertaken by the charity from the following: it makes grants, donations, loans, gifts or pensions to individuals, it makes grants, donations or gifts to organisations, it carries out activities or services itself, it does none of these
Activities: It carries out activities or services itself
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These are taken directly from the charity's constitution. A charity's objects describe what the charity has been legally set up to achieve. They do not necessarily describe all of the activities the charity carries out in order to achieve these objects.
Object: To save lives and prevent or relieve human suffering (whether in peace or in war), advance education, advance citizenship, and promote civic responsibility and volunteering

Income / Expenditure totals

Income and Expenditure figures are only available for all charities from June 2012. Prior to this, the data capture of expenditure figures depended on the type of form the charity completed.
Annual Return Submission History
Mailing Cycle Financial Year Annual Return
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The end of the financial year for which accounts and information has been requested
Year End
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The gross income for the period
Expenditure tool tip icon
The date OSCR sent the return to the charity
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The date the return was validated by OSCR
2010 31-03-2010 £2,121,516.00 £2,268,358.00 07-04-2010 20-12-2010 14-01-2011 No
2011 31-03-2011 £2,005,855.00 £2,264,866.00 04-04-2011 13-10-2011 29-12-2011 No
2012 31-03-2012 £2,088,151.00 £2,508,738.00 10-04-2012 09-10-2012 05-11-2012 No
2013 31-03-2013 £2,269,505.00 £3,030,225.00 02-04-2013 14-10-2013 21-10-2013 No
2014 31-03-2014 31-03-2014 No

Latest Monitoring Return – Income Breakdown

 Total donations, fundraising and agencies - £272,088
 Interest and investment income - £55,988
 Total Government funding - £0
 Trading to raise funds - £1,354,593
 Income from charitable activity - £548,386
 Other income resources - £38,450
 Total - £2,269,505

Latest Monitoring Return – Expenditure Breakdown

 Cost of generating voluntary funds - £109,549
 Cost of generating other funds - £307,371
 Cost of trading - £1,548,572
 Cost of charitable activities - £875,721
 Grants and donations - £0
 Governance costs - £189,012
 Other - £0
 Total - £3,030,225
Charity Accounts and Constitutions
OSCR does not publish this information on the website. The public have the right to the following information under s.23 (1) (a) and (b) of the Charities and Trustee Investment (Scotland) Act 2005 from the charity directly:
  • a copy of the charity's latest statement of account
  • a copy of the charity's constitution.
Please contact the charity directly to request this information.
Details of charity trustees

OSCR does not keep a register of Scottish Charity Trustees. This is not one of our statutory functions or something that we are resourced to do. Information about Scottish Charities should be available from the trustees' report of the charity's annual accounts. Please contact the charity directly using the above search to find this information

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