Update on NHS endowment funds

01 Jun 2018

Over the past few weeks, the Scottish Charity Regulator (OSCR) has been reviewing the use of NHS endowment funds, following reports in the media.  NHS endowment funds are registered charities set up in each health board area under the National Health Service (Scotland) Act 1978 and are supported by patients, families and users of health services who make donations to enhance the services the NHS provides.  For some time it has been OSCR’s view that there should be greater formal separation between health boards and these endowment fund charities.

OSCR opened an inquiry into Tayside NHS Board Endowment Funds (charity number SC011042) on 4 April 2018.  This relates to the decision by the Funds’ charity trustees in 2014 to fund projects commenced by Tayside NHS Board and the circumstances of that decision.  We made the public aware of this inquiry in an update on 13 April 2018. We are giving this work top priority and are keen to help restore public trust and confidence in NHS endowment charities.

Yesterday, we wrote to the Scottish Parliament’s Public Audit and Post-legislative Scrutiny Committee, who had asked OSCR to give an update on its inquiry into the Tayside NHS Board Endowment Funds.

You can find a copy of our response to the Committee here.  It sets out our progress so far on the inquiry and the other work we have undertaken in this area. As stated in the letter, OSCR is currently planning a further update to the Committee by the end of September 2018.

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