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Targeted Regulation Risk Framework

17 Mar 2016

Read about the factors we consider as part of our new focus on Targeted Regulation.

Read the risk framework document here.

In our 10 years as charity regulator, we've gained considerable experience about the charity sector. In particular, we've learned that, in the main, charities do far more to build public trust and confidence in the charity sector than to undermine it. 

We are in the position now, therefore, to develop a more focused approach to charity regulation. We are seeking to target our resources at groups and types of charities that are more likely to pose a risk to public trust and confidence in the charity sector, and reduce reporting for most types of charities in Scotland. 

In order to achieve this, we have built a risk framework that outlines those areas that will initially be of interest to us. This framework is not set in stone but will be a living document that we will review frequently as issues and challenges change. 

Read more about our new approach, and what's changing, here.