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Syria - guidance from the regulator

10 Jul 2014

Understandably, many people are moved by the situation in Syria and want to help. People all over the UK have donated time and money to charities helping the Syrian people.  We have produced new guidance to enable you to give help more safely.

The guidance sets out the following three points:

1. You should not travel to Syria.

2. You should check those charities seeking donations.

3. You should consider giving to established aid charities rather than setting up your own.

Read our new guidance here.

The UK and Scottish Governments are heavily committed to helping, and are at the forefront of the international effort.  We know that many people in Scotland also want to help the Syrian people, and some have even travelled to deliver aid directly.

However, the Home Office now strongly advises against travelling to Syria.  The whole of the country is unsafe, with strong risks that even those going for humanitarian aid reasons may get caught up in violence.

The best way to help the people of Syria is to donate to, or volunteer with, charities that are registered in Scotland or the rest of the UK that have ongoing relief operations.

Issued by The Scottish Charity Regulator, Quadrant House, 9 Riverside Drive, Dundee DD1 4NY.  For further information contact Mark Simpson or Judith Pogorzelec at OSCR on 01382 220446 or email