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Scottish Charity Regulator staff survey results for 2016

16 Nov 2016

In October of this year, our staff took part in the annual UK Civil Service People Survey. The survey looks at civil servants' attitudes to working in government departments

The Scottish Charity Regulator’s score for overall engagement has increased slightly since last year (now 58%) and is very close to the Civil Service generally (59%).The response rate was 87% - which was above the Civil Service average (65%).

The key highlights are:

  • 82% of staff are positive overall about ‘Organisational Objectives and purpose’
  • 76% of staff are positive overall for ‘My Team’
  • 75% of staff are positive overall for ‘My Work’.

In some areas, OSCR had a lower score than the Civil Service average, mainly the responses on ‘Inclusion and fair treatment’ (67% positive); ‘My Manager’ (56%); ‘Learning and Development’ (42%) and ‘Leadership and Managing Change’ (37%).

Read the report here.

The Regulator’s Chief Executive, David Robb said:

‘’At OSCR, we are lucky to have knowledgeable, dedicated and enthusiastic staff committed to high standards of customer service.  Our senior management want to give them the best working environment possible, to consolidate and build on strong performance over our 10 years as Scotland’s charity regulator.

“As Chief Executive, I welcome the survey results and the feedback will assist in our ongoing improvement work.  A new development this year has been our adoption of the Public Service Improvement Framework to help prioritise organisational development and these results will now be reflected in OSCR’s Improvement Plan as we progressively become more proactive and targeted in our operations.

 “The work we do increases public confidence in Scottish charities, and we have also helped release over £40million back into the third sector in the last decade through our assistance with reorganisations.”