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New fundraising framework proposed

24 Sep 2015

You will have seen yesterday’s widespread coverage of two reports on fundraising practices and regulation.

The Sir Stuart Etherington of the National Council for Voluntary Organisations (England and Wales) published his report that had been commissioned by the UK Government; and the Scottish Council for Voluntary Organisations published the results of its informal review into fundraising in Scotland that had been commissioned by the Scottish Government.

You can read SCVO’s report here.

You can read NCVO’s report here.

In response to the publications, OSCR’s Chief Executive, David Robb, said:

‘We welcome today’s reports and their proposals for clearer, more streamlined and more effective regulation of charity fundraising, so that the public can continue to give with confidence.  We were pleased to contribute our views about the need to offer greater protection for vulnerable people and look forward to working with other relevant bodies in the development of the new framework to ensure that it reflects the needs of donors and charities in Scotland and the rest of the UK.

‘We will highlight the reports to Scottish charities, and I would urge the trustees of charities involved in fundraising to note their contents and recommendations in light of their overall duties,’ he added.

We welcome both publications and look forward, with other bodies, to playing our part in the development of a new framework that reflects the needs and concerns of the public and charities, in Scotland as well as in the rest of the UK.

UK Ministers are now considering Sir Stuart Etherington’s report, while a fundraising summit to discuss the recommendations among charities and other relevant bodies has been proposed by SCVO.

In the meantime, we would remind charity trustees of their overall responsibility to act in the best interest of their charity and ask them to note the content and recommendations of the reports.  We’ll alert the sector to any further developments and update our website with new guidance and FAQs once Ministers announce details, and as the new framework develops.