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HMRC research with Scottish charities

24 Sep 2019


The Scottish Charity Regulator (OSCR) is co-operating with HMRC on a piece of research that aims to help inform the support that HMRC offers to charities around topics such as Gift Aid and tax relief. A sample of Scottish charities with incomes of £85k or more will be invited to take part in the research.

An HMRC spokesperson said,

'Between October and November 2019, independent research agency Ipsos Mori will carry out interviews to understand more about how charitable organisations are structured and how they make decisions around their finances and tax affairs. This will help to enhance the support that HMRC offers around topics like Gift Aid and tax relief. You may receive a letter or telephone call from Ipsos Mori inviting you to take part in the research. Taking part is voluntary. If you do take part, all of your answers will be kept completely confidential. HMRC will not be able to identify who has taken part. Any information you provide for this study will be used for research purposes only. This research adheres to GDPR requirements.'

If you are contacted about the research and wish to know more, please call HMRC on 03000 535 103.