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Help us understand village hall issues - survey

29 Jun 2015

Do you work in a Third Sector Interface or run a village hall?

We’re looking for your help in improving our understanding of the issues facing village halls, through our survey.


Complete the survey here.

This is with a view to us producing guidance for the several hundred such charities on the Register. Many are seeking to make changes, either to their legal structures or constitutions, only to discover that they don’t have the power to do so.

So, we’re finding that many are having to apply to us for a reorganisation scheme in order to make the changes. Trustees have found this process daunting and difficult.

We’re also aware that many village halls were originally constituted by a Deed of Trust that names trustees who hold the heritable property, and provides for the establishment of a management committee responsible for the day-to-day running of the hall. This leads to an unusual two-tier structure which has caused confusion in terms of:

• How the charity is constituted

• What its legal form is (trust or unincorporated association)

• Who the charity trustees are

• Who holds title to the property.

So that we can make sure that our guidance covers the important and most common issues faced by village hall trustees, we are looking for your views. In the case of TSI’s, many village hall charities may already have sought your advice on similar issues. The link to the survey is here - and thanks for taking part!