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Charity Fraud Awareness Week

23 Oct 2017

This week is Charity Fraud Awareness Week and we will be taking this opportunity to highlight key messages to help and support charities and members of the public in fighting charity fraud.

It is important to understand about charity fraud - how it can happen, how to deal with it when it does happen and what can be done to prevent it. Anyone that is a charity trustee, employee or volunteer has an interest in ensuring that charities do not become victims of fraud and that fraudsters are stopped in their tracks because this can have a damaging effect on trust and confidence in charities. Members of the public who donate to charity also want to ensure that they can give safely and with confidence - knowing that the funds or goods that they are donating are being safely received by a genuine charity.

Each day this week will be dedicated to a different topic relating to charity fraud so please keep an eye out for resources and materials each day that you may find useful.

Yesterday was about creating a counter fraud culture - encouraging charity trustees to talk about fraud within their organisation, be aware of the risks that the charity faces and manage these risks appropriately.