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Annual return submission reminder

17 Jul 2017

Every year, every charity registered in Scotland has to provide annual information by:

  •          Completing an online Annual Return
  •          Uploading or sending us a statement of accounts, a Trustees’ annual report and an external scrutiny report

We need this information within 9 months of a charity’s ‘year end’ date - the date that their financial year runs to.

3,116 of the 5,370 (58%) charities who have a year end date of 31 December 2016 have yet to submit their return, meaning that we need to receive their information before 30 September 2017. This information can be easily sent to us by completing an online annual return using OSCR Online.

If your charity has not already done so, please ensure that its online annual return is submitted before the deadline. Our website has robust guidance to help you through the process.

Remember, we use this annual information to update each charity’s entry on the Scottish Charity Register, a free resource regularly used by funders and members of the public. When annual information is not submitted, the charity’s entry will show this as ‘late’ with a red line. Anyone will be able to see that the annual information has not been submitted by a charity. This is risky for the charity’s reputation, and we will consider action against charity trustees when annual information is not submitted.

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