Winding up or dissolving your charity

Depending on the legal form of your organisation, please ensure you complete the correct application form. The first section contains the application form that should be completed by every legal form except Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation's (SCIO).

The second section contains the application specifically for SCIO's. There are separate forms for SCIO's depending on whether your organisation is solvent or insolvent. Please only complete the appropriate application. 

If you are not sure what your legal form is, you can check your entry on the Scottish Charity Register by searching your charity's name or charity number.

Winding up or dissolving your charity

For all legal forms of charities except Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisations (SCIO) please read our Dissolving your charity guidance and complete the Application for Consent to Wind-up or Dissolve your Charity*.

If your charity's legal form is a SCIO, please complete the application form in the next section.

Dissolve your Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation (SCIO) 

SCIOs must apply to us if they want to dissolve. Please read our SCIO's: A Guide publication and complete either the dissolving a solvent or insolvent SCIO application form. The application forms contain guidance notes.  

Under charity law, we are required to publish all such applications. Current applications can be found here.

PLEASE READ - Before inputting any information into an interactive form, please 'Save As ...' the pdf to your hard drive first. We then recommend you open the file from your hard drive using Adobe Reader, which is free to download. If you do not do this and open the pdf using your web browser you may lose all of your inputted information when you try to save the form. If you are having problems with the pdf, please see the Adobe support website before contacting us.