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24,339 Total charities registered

We are the independent Regulator and registrar for Scotland’s charities, including community groups, religious charities, schools, universities, grant-giving charities, and major care providers. From here, you can find useful information on what's required in running your charity, and get access to general guidance to help you get it right.

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Enter a Scottish Charity number, a charity name, or a keyword to search the Register. You can check your charity’s Register entry is correct, and print it to prove your charitable status.

You can find other material on our website by using a keyword search in the Search box at the top of the Home Page. You can also download a full Register extract here.

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We are the independent regulator and registrar for over 24,000 Scottish charities, including community groups, religious charities, schools, universities, grant-giving charities and major care providers.



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Enjoy flexibility, security and control by using our online services. You can find out more and sign up here.

Advantages of Online Services

There are a number of benefits to completing your information online. Find out more here.

Find out more about Online Services

Online services give you and other trustees control over your charity's information.



Being a charity trustee

Find out what’s expected from you and your colleagues in this responsible role, and download material to help you get things right.

Making changes

Find out what you need to do when you’re planning to make changes to your charity – and apply here.

Preparing your accounts

It's essential that you account for the charity assets you hold.  Read our handy guides including the receipts and payments work pack.



Becoming a Charity

To become a charity, you must apply to us. Find out what’s required, whether it’s right for you, and how to apply.

Becoming a SCIO

Around a third of our applications are for charitable status as a Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation. Read our guidance and apply here.

How to apply

Find out what's involved if you're planning on applying to become a charity.