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The shape of things to come

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Last week saw an important renewal of the Scottish Charity Regulator’s mission after ten years of operations. Our new report sets out the positive response from the charity sector and other stakeholders to our proposals to change the way we work.

Our overall aim is to encourage transparency for the public, ease reporting for most charities, and ensure more effective targeting of our resources. This will help ensure that high levels of public confidence are maintained, and that Scotland’s 23,700 registered charities can continue providing public benefit throughout the land. Our changes will work within the current legislative framework, and take account of a real-terms reduction in our budget.

So, what does the future hold?  Essentially, our Board have agreed:

  • Measures to encourage transparency, including the publication of charity annual reports and accounts on the Scottish Charity Register, and the creation of a database of charity trustees
  • Changes to our reporting mechanisms, reinforcing the principles of good governance and a drive to more online services to streamline our processes
  • A new system of Serious Incident Reporting, where charities must alert us to matters that may impact on public trust and confidence in charities.

We’ll start to see the first elements implemented from the end of this year, and progressively thereafter.  We’re keen to work with charities and their advisers, to ensure that the sector is aware and ready, and has the support and information available to ensure a smooth transition.  So, please keep an eye open for our announcements and material over the course of this year.