Is being a charity right for my organisation?

There are advantages to becoming a charity, but you need to consider whether this is the best option for your organisation. As charities are regulated by OSCR, this can provide public goodwill and trust. 

There may also be tax benefits however OSCR does not deal with tax matters; please see the Charities section of the HMRC website for further information.

The people who are in general management and control of the charity are the ‘charity trustees’. Depending on the charity's legal structure they may also be known as directors, office holders or committee members. The charity trustees have legal responsibilities to act in certain ways and provide certain information to OSCR and the public. You can find more information about the responsibilities of charity trustees on our Trustees Duties page.

Some funders may only consider charities. However, many organisations choose alternatives that are better suited to their needs and some prefer to work with an existing charity.

Charities must keep accounts and submit these to OSCR every year. These accounts must meet certain legal requirements. For more information please see our Annual Monitoring and Charity Accounting pages.

You must get OSCR’s permission before making certain changes, such as changing your purposes or winding up. Please see the Making changes to your charity page for a complete list of changes that require OSCR’s consent.