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What to expect if you raise a concern about a charity

Published: 22/01/2020
Updated: 29/01/2020


We will acknowledge your concern within 15 working days, but this can sometimes take longer. Our initial work will allow us to establish our next steps.

We might:

  • ask you to clarify information or provide further detail
  • advise you to contact the charity trustees because the issue is something that the charity should deal with in the first instance
  • tell you that the matter is not something we will deal with because:
    • it may be something that another regulator or public body should deal with
    • it may not be a matter that is part of OSCR’s role as a charity regulator
    • it may be a low risk matter where we decide it is not proportionate or necessary for us to act, but where we will keep the information on file for future reference. How we deal with information we store is outlined in our Privacy Policy and GDPR Guidance.
  • signpost you to another regulator, public body or source of help
  • share with or seek information from other organisations to assist with our inquiries and help us decide the most appropriate course of action:
  • let you know that we will open an inquiry
  • let you know we are working with the charity to resolve the issue.

We realise that some of these outcomes may not be what you expect. However, when you report a matter to us, the decision as to how to deal with it is for OSCR to make. There is no right of appeal under charity law about our decision on whether to make inquiries into a charity.