About Scottish Charities

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A charity in Scotland is an organisation which is entered in the Scottish Charity Register.  Charities can have many constitutional forms, for example companies, trusts or unincorporated associations. There are currently over 23,000 charities in Scotland and you can find information about them here.

How we Regulate Charities

We have a statutory duty to encourage and assist charities to meet their legal requirements. Find out how we do this.

Becoming a Charity in Scotland

To become a charity in Scotland you must apply to OSCR for charitable status. Find out how to apply for charitable status.


The SCIO is an optional new legal form for registered Scottish charities. Find out more.

English and Welsh charities

Read about the legislative requirements for English and Welsh (cross-border) charities.

Charities at work

View a selection of charities illustrating the impact of the sector.